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Songs for Paula
Original title: Canciones para Paula (Trilogía Canciones para Paula 1)

Songs for Paula

Original title: Canciones para Paula (Trilogía Canciones para Paula 1)

Songs for Paula is a feisty novel for young adults that tells the story of Paula, who’s about to turn seventeen. She falls in love with Ángel, a boy a little older than her who she meets over the internet. And yet just when everything’s going well, she meets Alex, who she barely knows but their first meeting like something out of a movie. Also, Paula doesn’t know that she has a secret admirer closer by than she thinks... A whole mess of love and heartbreak witnessed by her best friends, ‘The Sugus’, who never leave Paula’s side. 

Highlights Songs for Paula


This is a novel about the real lives of teenagers and the world of social networks. 

Songs for Paula is the eponymous first novel in the trilogy. The protagonists are a girl about to turn seventeen, Paula, and her group of friends, ‘The Sugus’. This novel is about love, heartbreak, social networks, school etc., everything that young people worry about. It will be followed by two more novels Do you know that I Love You? and Shut Me up with a Kiss

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Publishing date: | 800 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-16162-2 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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