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My Heart Belongs to Harry
Original title: Mi corazón es solo para Harry

My Heart Belongs to Harry

Original title: Mi corazón es solo para Harry

On the day of a concert by one of her favourite boy bands, Lucía R, a directioner who writes fan fiction and has her own YouTube channel, is distraught: she’s lost her ticket.

Together with Álex, a hipster singer from Seville who’s in town to audition for a television musical, Lucia gets into all kinds of trouble trying to get it back. As if that weren’t enough, Álex is depressed because his girlfriend and artistic partner, the fascinating Melanie Maravilla,
has disappeared. And Lucía doesn’t know how she’s going to cheer him up enough to sing when she does turn up.

Surprising encounters with the top Spanish singers make the two friends protagonists of the music fan comedy of the year. But the concert is approaching and Lucia still hasn’t got her hands on a ticket.

It’s a good thing that her heart belongs to Harry because Álex is so cool that she doesn’t really want his girlfriend to come back.

The line that separates dreams from reality and happiness from disaster is so thin that sometimes you can’t even see it.

A lost ticket, the best concert of my life and an unexpected love.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-14584-4 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta